August 2, 2018

Audition Notice: VAMP

VAMP: A Supernatural Musical Burlesque

Company: Too Fly Productions
Script: Alan Pronger
Director/Choreographer: Dawn Ewen

Production Dates: May 3-18, 2019 at Performance Works, Granville Island, Vancouver.
Rehearsal Period: March 26-May 2, 2019.

Audition Date: Friday, September 14, from 6:00 pm-10:00 pm and Saturday, September 15 from 10:00 am-6:00 pm.
Callback Date: Sunday, September 16 from 10:00 am-6:00 pm.
Audition Location: Downtown Vancouver. Address will be sent to actors chosen for an audition.

Synopsis: VAMP is a funny-as-hell original musical burlesque inspired by classic horror movies and everything that goes hump in the night. The show tells the tale a young woman’s sinful awakening as she is ripped from her simple, conservative upbringing and is forced to fight for her life in a dark, mysterious realm where up is down, bad is good, and wrong is oh-so-right. Our hero, Grace, is quickly and relentlessly tormented by Vampira, a glamorous vixen of horror, and is forced to risk everything to overcome her fears and earn her way back home. Along the way Grace must learn valuable lessons about herself as she fights off hoards of maniacal monsters, including zombies, Frankenstein’s monster, vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, mummies and, of course, clowns, in order to survive.

Requires: All roles require strong singers and dancers. As this is a burlesque musical, partial (but tasteful) nudity is expected from most characters, and actors must be 18+. All body types are accepted and celebrated.

Grace – A young, impressionable woman on the verge of a sinful sexual awakening. Growing up in an ultra-conservative town, Grace has always tried to be perfect and impress the people around her. However, after an unexpected event rips her from her pleasant world, Grace must find a way to fight for her life, or die trying.

Vampira – Based on the original horror host and glamour ghoul, Vampira is Mother to the abundance of nightmares found in the Shadow Realm. Vampira exudes power, sexuality and aggression. Vampira is raw sexual energy in its darkest, most primal form. She can simultaneously give you life, and snuff it out at whim.

John/Jack – Grace’s wholesome yet overly rigid boyfriend. He always does what’s expected of him, and doesn’t stray far from the path. The actor playing John will also play Jack, Grace’s conservative and overly fearful companion in the Shadow Realm.

In addition to these characters, a diverse cast of artists are required to play a number of different roles throughout the show (most actors will play more than one monster), including:

Preppy Youngsters – A wholesome group of peers in Grace’s hometown.

Shadow Minions – Vampira’s demonic slaves.

Zombie Herd – A group of sexy, man-eating zombies who strip off more than just clothing.

Frankie Jr. – Dr. Frankenstein’s creation-turned totally tubular stoner mistake.

Vampire Vixens – Count Dracula’s sensual and seductive brides.

Werewolf Pack – A hyper-macho group of Werewolves who howl while you moon.

The Sanderson Sisters – Three witches back from the dead ready to spread some of their magic.

Ghost – She has unfinished business and is not afraid to show you what it is.

The Mummy – Her longing and grief will get you wrapped up in her past.

Carnival Clowns – A group of carnival freaks who will haunt your sex dreams and have fun doing it.

Submission Deadline: To submit for an audition, please send your headshot and resume to Alan Pronger at by September 5, 2018. If selected for an audition, you will be asked to choose 1 song from 4 different song choices provided to you in your confirmation email, and will sing this song to the same track during your audition. You should also come prepared for a dance call after you sing with appropriate dance shoes (ie: heels) and clothing. Please allow at least 2 hours total for your audition.

This is a non-equity, profit-share production.

Too Fly is an equal opportunity theatre company and encourages submissions from artists of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds.