About Us.

Born from passion.

Too Fly Productions Society was founded in 2016 with the goals of creating original works of musical theatre, supporting emerging artists, and creating a supportive and safe environment for them to share their passion for performance.

In pursuing these goals we’ve found an even greater purpose: to promote radical self-love and inclusion.

Creativity and performance are our passions. No creative pursuit is out of bounds or too ridiculous to realize. Except perhaps an all unicorn water polo team – they pop too many balls. We seek out others who are equally passionate about what they do to join us in creating fresh collaborative works.

Our Mission.

  • 01

    Take risks, dream big.

  • 02

    Stand up for our beliefs.

  • 03

    Create safe spaces for artistic expression.

  • 04

    Celebrate our differences and vulnerabilities.

  • 05

    Collaborate to create innovative works.

  • 06

    Support emerging artists.

Too Fly Team.

Tim Kraumanis

Technical Director

Alan Pronger

Artistic Director

Alan Blackwell


Caitlin Hill


Jennifer Doan


Jennifer Long