November 16, 2016

Audition Notice: Robin Hood


Company: Too Fly Productions
Script: Mike Kovac and Alan Pronger
Director/Choreographer: Dawn Ewen
Music Director: Peter Abando

Production Dates: April 28 to May 13, 2017 at Performance Works, Granville Island, Vancouver.

Audition Date: January 8 and 9, 2017.
Callback Date: January 15, 2017.
Audition Location: Downtown Vancouver. Address will be sent to actors once chosen for an audition.

Synopsis: Robin Hood: Prince of Tease is a burlesque musical inspired by the classic folklore of Robin Hood. In our story, the title character of Robin is female, and most other characters are gender-swapped to some degree. The story follows Robin as she conspires with her merry (wo)men to take down the tyrannical Prince Joan and her sadistic sidekick, Sheriff of Nottingham. Set to some of the most popular pop, rock and hip-hop songs of the past decade, Robin Hood: Prince of Tease is a hysterical, over-the-top and sensual spectacular that will leave the audience on their knees begging for more.

Requires: All roles require strong singers and dancers. All body types accepted and celebrated. As this is a burlesque musical, partial (but tasteful) nudity is expected from most characters, and actors must be 18+.

Robin Hood (F) – Robin is a resourceful, cunning, and strong willed outlaw. She’s the best fighter/dancer in the land, and knows it. Robin is overly cocky, and has much to learn about being a leader in her campaign against Prince Joan.

Prince Joan (F) – Prince Joan is a greedy, arrogant and tyrannical caricature with serious anger management issues. Having brutally stolen the throne from the missing King Richard, Prince Joan will do whatever it takes to maintain her reign.

Sheriff of Nottingham (M) – Sadistic, pompous, and cruel, the Sheriff carries out the Prince’s will with flair. The Sheriff always gets what he wants – except for Mann Marion, who, unfortunately for the Sheriff, does not return his affection.

Mann Marian (M) – Compassionate, courageous and loyal, Mann Marian is the love interest of Robin Hood, and is unwillingly caught in a love triangle between Robin and the Sheriff.

Oddman Out (F) – Oddman is a passionate, righteous warrior, and outsider to the Kingdom of Nottingham, and, as such, sees her new world for the ridiculousness it is. Having allied herself to Robin and the Merry Men, Oddman serves as the voice of reason in an otherwise nonsensical land.

Winkin (F) – Winkin is a loyal and sensitive servant of the Locksley household, and dedicates her life to help Robin. After being blinded by the Sheriff’s goons, Winkin gains the ability to see through the fourth wall, and acts as the story’s narrator.

Little John (M) – Large, powerful and ultra-masculine, Little John quickly becomes one of Robin’s closest allies in her campaign against the Prince. With a “strip first, ask questions later” attitude, Little John is always up for a fight. It seems no one can tame Little John, that is, until he meets Mann-Servant…

Friar Tuck (M) – A man…I mean…woman of the cloth, Friar Tuck keeps his best kept secret “tucked” away and offers the Merry Men some much needed spiritual healing. Friar Tuck is fun, flirty and fabulous, and the best damn drag queen in Nottingham.

Will Scarlet (F) – Will Scarlet joins the Merry Men after a failed ambush turns into an opportunity for revenge. Shrewd, defensive, cautious and untrusting, Will Scarlet is often at odds with Robin Hood, and balances out her overly-confident optimism.

Mann-Servant (M) – Tough, loyal and a little brutish, Mann-Servant is the overly protective servant to Mann Marian. There’s nothing Mann-Servant loves more than his master, until he meets Little John…

Smarty Pants (F) – Smarty Pants is the Prince’s reluctant but opportunisitc servant. She is perceptive and wise beyond her years, yet her objections of the Prince’s tactics fall on deaf ears.

Jailer/Madam Ziegler/King Richard (F) – This role requires an actor with very strong dancing ability to play various identities throughout the show, as a single character.

Ensemble (M/F) – 6-8 people required to fill various small speaking roles and act as part of the Sheriff’s Goons and the Merry Men. Strong dancing and singing ability required.

Notes: As this is burlesque style, partial (but tasteful) nudity is expected for most characters, and actors must be 18+.

Submission Deadline: To submit for an audition, please send your headshot and resume to Alan Pronger at by December 23rd, 2016. If selected for an audition, you will be asked to choose 1 song from 4 different song choices provided to you in your confirmation email, and will sing this song to the same track during your audition. You should also come prepared for a dance call after you sing with appropriate dance shoes (ie: heels) and clothing. Please allow at least 2 hours total for your audition.


Too Fly is an equal opportunity theatre company and encourages submissions from artists of all cultural backgrounds.