August 6, 2015

Audition Notice: Little Miss Glitz

Audition notice for Little Miss Glitz, an original jukebox musical parody of child beauty pageants. Dust off those tiaras, get your spray tans on and practice those cupcake hands cause this show is going to be off the hook! Read more about the show.

Production Dates: March 11-26, 2016 at the PAL Studio Theatre, Vancouver.
Audition Dates: Sunday September 27, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and Monday September 28, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Callbacks will be held on October 4, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Script: Alan Pronger
Director/Choreographer: Dawn Ewen
Music Director: Stewart Yu

Requires: 9 women and 3 men for the following roles:

Note: To enhance the satire of the show, all parts, including those written for children, will be played by adults.

  • Isabella Connor – A frumpy, impressionable and unseasoned 7 year old who dreams of becoming a star, but doesn’t quite have the ingredients to get there.
  • Cliff Connor – An older, well meaning, blue-collar “every man” and father of Isabella.
    Sparkle America – A plump and awkward 7 year old who is clueless on stage and needs constant reminders on how to perform.
  • Carol Wood – A sickingly sweet and terminally delightful self-proclaimed “pageant mom” and mother of Sparkle.
  • Jaylene Darlene – A highly competitive 6 year old with an A-type personality. She is the most competitive contestant and wants to win at any cost.
  • Franny Darlene – The shy and reserved mother of Jaylene. Being used to living in the shadows, Franny allows everyone, including her overly competitive daughter, to walk all over her.
  • Stefan St. Claire – A snooty and flamboyant 30-year-old pageant consultant who is hired by Jaylene to help her win.
  • Heather Butterfry – A pretty and vain 6 year old, who is considered a “big deal” in the pageant world, especially by herself.
  • Hillary Butterfry – The pushy and overwhelmingly competitive mother of Heather. Hillary is a redneck at heart, and puts her daughter into pageants as a way to feel more high class. In short, Hillary is a bitch.
  • Mackenzie Ziploc – A spoiled and self-obsessed 8 year old who may have a substance abuse issue with sugar.
  • Rose Ziploc – A rich and shallow trophy wife and mother of Mackenzie. Rose thinks she is a “cool mom” and spoils her daughter, giving her whatever she wants.
  • Peter Phyle – The eager to please President and MC of the pageant, with a deviant smile and a cloudy, if not troubling, history with young girls. Peter always walks the line between the questionable and the inappropriate.

Submission Deadline: September 13, 2015.

To submit for an audition, please send your headshot and resume to Alan Pronger at If selected for an audition, you will be asked to choose 1 song from 4 different song choices provided to you in your confirmation email, and will sing this song to the same .mp3 track during your audition. You should also come prepared for a dance call after you sing with appropriate dance shoes and clothing. Please allow at least 2 hours total for your audition.

This is a volunteer, non-equity production.