Promoting Radical Self-Love & Inclusion.

Coming Soon: Battle of Uranus

Join us for an over-the-top romp through the galaxy in a new, body-positive and hilarious burlesque space opera inspired by classic Sci-Fi B-movies of the 70s and 80s. Battle of Uranus combines the art of burlesque, storytelling of musical theatre, and disciplines of dance, acrobatics and comedy to tell the empowering story of an unlikely hero on their epic journey to save the galaxy.

Premiering November 4-19, 2022 at Performance Works on Granville Island

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Who We Are.

Too Fly is a Vancouver-based multi-disciplinary musical theatre company on a mission to promote radical self-love and inclusion.

In taking risks and pushing ourselves artistically, we expose our vulnerabilities to our audiences, who in turn feel more comfortable sharing their inner selves with the world while being supported in the judgement-free, radically-inclusive environment we create. 

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