Little Miss Glitz 2016

March 11-26, 2016

PAL Studio Theatre, Vancouver

Little Miss Glitz is an original jukebox musical parody of child beauty pageants set to some of the biggest pop hits of the past 30 years.

The musical sets the questionable beauty standards and parenting practices of hit reality TV’s Toddlers and Tiaras to music in a high-energy musical with a twist: there is no scripted winner. Each night, a panel of judges pulled from the audience will determine who wins, leaving the cast to improvise the end of the show.

Adding to this element of surprise is a heartwarming story of Isabella Connor, a frumpy and impressionable 7-year-old played by Paige Fraser, as she navigates through the world of child beauty pageants. While at first pageants seem like a fun way to dress up, have fun and get a foot in the door of stardom, Isabella soon discovers that the cutthroat world of pageants takes no prisoners. You have to fight to survive.

Shocking, heartwarming, and uncompromisingly funny, Little Miss Glitz promises to take you on a musical adventure like you’ve never seen before.


PAL Studio Theatre
8th Floor – 581 Cardero St
Vancouver, BC