May 12, 2019

Set Pieces for Sale

We’re selling a few set pieces from our production of VAMP: A Supernatural Musical Burlesque. Strike is May 18 at Performance Works on Granville Island, and we’d prefer for pick up that afternoon, but alternate arrangements for pick up can be made. Please email if you are interested in any of the following pieces. Asking prices are indicated, open to offers.

Rotating Bed

Wood frame covered in black fabric, cushion top covered in thin black faux fur. Rotating mechanism is a hoverboard wheel, controlled from a wired controller box with speed knob.

Rotating action has a low rumble, but with music it can’t be heard by the audience. The black fabric covering the base is a bit worn from being kicked, but it’s easy to replace.

5 ft in diameter, 23 inches tall.

Asking $300.

Moving Day Bed

Wood frame on casters, with toggle clamps on the back to lock in place. Surrounded with pink fabric stapled on. Thin foam mattress covered in white fabric. White metal headboard. Designed with space underneath for actors to crawl under.

61 inches wide, 38 deep, 27 tall to top of foam mattress.

Asking $100.

Projection Screen

Wood frame, thin plywood face painted with Silver Screen paint. Freestanding on legs, with the bottom of the screen at 2 ft above the floor.

Got a bit warped in storage before the production, but a strip of black gaffe tape along the bottom made it visibly square from the audience.

7 ft tall, 14 ft wide at the base.

Asking $150.