About Us.

Born from passion.

Too Fly Productions Society was founded in 2016 with the goals of creating original works of musical theatre, supporting emerging artists, and creating a supportive and safe environment for them to share their passion for performance.

In pursuing these goals we’ve found an even greater purpose: to promote radical self-love and inclusion.

We pride ourselves in exclusively creating new works in collaboration with artists from diverse backgrounds to tell stories that are both important to tell, and important for our audiences to hear. 

Our Mission.

  • 01

    Take risks, dream big.

  • 02

    Stand up for our beliefs.

  • 03

    Create safe spaces for artistic expression.

  • 04

    Celebrate our differences and vulnerabilities.

  • 05

    Collaborate to create innovative works.

  • 06

    Support emerging artists.

Too Fly Team.

Tim Kraumanis

Technical Director

Alan Pronger

Artistic Director

Alan Blackwell


Caitlin Hill


Jennifer Doan


Jennifer Long